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Why I Read

To me reading is a beautiful and wonderful escape. There is something completely and utterly magical about opening a new book for the first time, reading those first lines, you just don’t know where the book will take you and who you will meet on the journey.

Books open up the world to us. You can have the biggest and most exciting of adventures and you never have to leave your sofa, sun lounger, garden seat, coffee shop, bus or bed. Reading is one of those rare hobbies that you can enjoy literally anywhere, I am rarely without a book and I feel a little bit lost if I don’t have one, just in case I get five minutes to dive back into whichever world I’m currently visiting.

You can fly over England in a Ford Anglia, witness battles between chimera and angels on Charles Bridge, solve the murder of an heiress whilst cruising along the Nile, walk the length of England alongside a man wearing yacht shoes, experience a rebellion uprising on Mars, have a ringside seat to the world of the geisha, see a cathedral rise up from its first foundations and open a wardrobe door into a world of magic. (Gold star if you can name the books!)

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was six Babysitter Club books. I can still remember the feeling of pure joy and excitement at getting six books all at the same time! I can still picture the shape and feel of that present as if I had opened it yesterday. My lovely Nan introduced and inspired my love of books, and I hope to pass down that love to my little one. I frequented the local library with her and that time with her is a treasured and happy memory.

The wonder of walking in a bookshop or a library and seeing the shelves full of books I haven’t experienced yet is such a special feeling. All those places I haven’t been to, all the characters I haven’t yet met. And as I am lucky enough to work in a book shop I get to experience that wonder every day. Sharing book love and talking about books is one of my most favourite things and I get to do that in my job, but I’m branching out and hoping to reach a wider book worm audience and share my passion!


9 thoughts on “Why I Read

  1. Reading is a distraction and helps me to stop thinking about the day’s problems. I’m into biographies and I love when you can hear the person almost reading the book to you. I’m reading a Paul o’grady one at the moment and it has me in stitches x

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