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Clearing The Shelves



Every month I aim to read a book that has been sat on my shelves for over six months in an attempt to clear some of the back catalogue of my towering TBR piles! This month I have picked up ‘The Unseeing’ by Anna Mazzola. I’m only 100 pages in and I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to pick it up. I am completely gripped – the writing is wonderfully descriptive, I can smell the wafts of the streets of Victorian London as I read. And the main character, Sarah Gale is very intriguing. I can’t wait to delve back into it (when the baby decides to sleep!) and find out what happened on that fateful Christmas.


Set in London in 1837, ‘The Unseeing’ is the story of Sarah Gale, a seamstress and mother, sentenced to hang for her role in the murder of Hannah Brown on the eve of her wedding. After Sarah petitions for mercy, Edmund Fleetwood is appointed to investigate and consider whether justice has been done. Idealistic, but struggling with his own demons, Edmund is determined to seek out the truth. Yet Sarah refuses to help him, neither lying nor adding anything to the evidence gathered in court. Edmund knows she’s hiding something, but needs to discover just why she’s maintaining her silence. For how can it be that someone would willingly go to their own death?

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