My Bookish Month · Posts 2017

February Reads


Most of my books this month seem to have been thrillers – I think I’m going to have a break from those for a bit because they are all starting to blend into one another and I feel like that’s all I’ve been reading!


‘A Dangerous Crossing’ Rachel Rhys – I just blooming adored this book! Rich in detail and full of colourful characters. A great book to lose yourself in. Full review here Review – ‘A Dangerous Crossing’ by Rachel Rhys

‘Behind Her Eyes’ Sarah Pinborough – Mmmmm… I was really enjoying this book until I read the end. It’s going to be one of those books that people either love or hate, sadly it wasn’t one for me.

‘Before The Rains’ Dinah Jefferies – Reading escapism at its best! I left dreary England and was transported to a sultry, colourful 1930’s India. Full review here Review – ‘Before The Rains’ by Dinah Jefferies

‘Verdict of Twelve’ Raymond Postgate – With ivy poisoning, twelve jurors with their own tales to tell and a particularly chilling scene with a rabbit – this had all the ingredients for a superb Golden Age read. Full review here Review – ‘Verdict of Twelve’ Raymond Postgate

‘Good Me Bad Me’ Ali Land – I was clutching on to this book for dear life as I read – It was so tense and so compelling. I am looking forward to seeing what Ali Land does next. Full review here Review – ‘Good Me Bad Me’ by Ali Land

‘The Unseeing’ Anna Mazzola – This was the perfect read for me, set in the Victorian era and featuring a wrongfully (or is she?) incarcerated woman. A real life crime that has been given the fictional treatment and I couldn’t put it down. Full review here Review – ‘The Unseeing’ by Anna Mazzola

‘My Husband’s Wife’ Amanda Prowse – I found this a quick and easy read, full of emotion. Some elements were slightly predictable but I enjoyed it none the less. Full review here Review – ‘My Husband’s Wife’ by Amanda Prowse

‘Into The Water’ Paula Hawkins – I have yet to write a proper review for this one, but for now I will say that I was glued to this read. I think people are going to love it when it comes out in May, the ending made me go ‘oooooooh’!

‘Rattle’ Fiona Cummins – Oh I found this so creepy. So many chills up the spine as I read, I am just dying to read the next book I hope Fiona Cummins is a quick writer!


I am now up to 19 read books on my Good Reads challenge. I set myself a pretty low goal this year (40) due to now having a little one that takes up all of my time. But so far I have been reading way more than I expected so I am super happy with that. And I am 13 books ahead of schedule – wahooo!


I’ve achieved my monthly reading goals by reading 3-4 books to review, one British Library Crime Classic and one book that I’ve had over 6 months. So February has been a pretty successful bookish month. Here’s hoping March is good one too!

First March Read – I’m currently reading ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ by Giovanna Fletcher and I am thoroughly enjoying it, it’s made me laugh, cry, cringe with understanding and nod so much in agreement I’m starting to resemble a Churchill nodding dog!

6 thoughts on “February Reads

  1. You’ve read some fab books. I really liked Behind Her Eyes..but can see why it would be a love/hate thing. I really want to read The Unseeing – that cover is so creepy, and Into The Water…well, can’t wait for that one 🙂

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