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Clearing the Shelves – ‘The Harvest Man’ by Alex Grecian



Every month I try to read a book that’s been sat on my shelf for six months or more with the idea that it will help clear my shelves. This is a theme that I’d like to invite anyone to join, feel free to use the graphic, all I ask is that you tag me and link my blog 🙂 This month I went for ‘The Harvest Man’ by Alex Grecian.



Alongside Jack the Ripper there is another brutal serial killer roaming the streets of Victorian London. Spring 1890. The spectre of Jack the Ripper still haunts Inspector Walter Day, his injured leg a daily reminder of his violent brush with London’s most feared killer. He alone is convinced that the Ripper remains at large. But, worse is to come for Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad. A new killer is terrorizing the citizens of London. They call him the Harvest Man; he hides away in the attics of the unsuspecting, emerging at night to terrorize his victims. This macabre new threat requires Inspector Day to confront his demons, but he soon discovers that the Ripper himself continues to toy with Scotland Yard’s finest.

The Yard series by Alex Grecian is Victorian crime fiction at its best. ‘The Harvest Man’ is book four and follows on directly from events in ‘The Devil’s Workshop’. Not only are we treated to everyone’s favourite Victorian serial killer – Jack the Ripper – but there’s someone else lurking in the London depths. He hides in the attics of victims, emerging at night to inflict horrors, he is the Harvest Man.

This book was super creepy and I frequently glanced at my loft hatch whilst reading it, I love being unnerved by books and ‘The Harvest Man’ certainly did that. He also wears a plague mask, a bird-like mask with a long ‘beak’ which completely freaked me out as I have a phobia of masks, they just give me the willies.

What I particularly like about these books is that Alex Grecian gives us a look at the early introduction of forensic processes. In ‘The Harvest Man’ Doctor Kingsley is still trying to convince people that his finger print powder will prove useful in apprehending criminals. We also see him creating a crime scene forensic kit – the reactions to this range from impressed to disbelief that it will actually prove useful.

And the end – what a cliff hanger! I’ll be getting my hands on book five ‘Lost And Gone Forever’ as soon as I can!



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