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March Reads



This month I’ve managed eight reads and I’ve reached my monthly goals of one read that I’ve had over six months (‘The Harvest Man’) one book from the British Library Crime Classics series (‘Family Matters’) and three to four books for review. It’s been another great month of reading for me and I’m looking forward to April.



‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ by Giovanna Fletcher – I laughed, I cried and I nodded vigorously in agreement to every Giovanna had to say about motherhood. I love Giovanna’s approach to life and motherhood, she isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. This is a must read for all new mum’s! Review – ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ by Giovanna Fletcher

‘The Riviera Express’ by T.P Fielden – A delightful, easy crime read. Full of great characters and with a writing style that evokes the wonderful Golden Age of Crime. Amusing and with an endearing new crime busting character, Judy Dimont. Review – ‘The Riviera Express’ by TP Fielden

‘The Roanoke Girls’ by Amy Engel – A dark, compelling read that was very uncomfortable in parts, yet one that I enjoyed although ‘enjoyed’ is the wrong word! Superbly written and one that will cause a lot of discussion. Review – ‘The Roanoke Girls’ by Amy Engel

‘Family Matters’ by Anthony Rolls – A wildly entertaining read from The British Library Crime Classic series. A perfect study of human behaviour and psychology and with a double poisoning that has amusing consequences. Review – ‘Family Matters’ by Anthony Rolls

‘Hidden Chapters’ by Mary Grand – Although I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I expected, there are some wonderful, beautiful descriptions of the Welsh coast. Family secrets are rife in this book and even thought it wasn’t for me, plenty of other readers would enjoy it. Review – ‘Hidden Chapters’ by Mary Grand

‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman – What an absolutely wonderful wonderful read. Eleanor Oliphant is a fantastic creation and this book is heart warming, emotional and endearing. Review to come.

‘The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star’ by Vaseem Khan – An entertaining mystery set in India. With a chocolate loving baby elephant and a detective who boasts a moustache even Hercule Poirot would envy, what’s not to love! Review to come.

‘The Harvest Man’ by Alex Grecian – Deliciously dark and creepy, with a good splash of gore. A fantastic Victorian crime novel that will send shivers up your spine. Clearing the Shelves – ‘The Harvest Man’ by Alex Grecian


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