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Book Candles!

I wanted to share with you my latest book related obsession – book themed candles! I love books and I love candles so to find them combined together is basically heaven for me. Though maybe not for my bank account!


My first arrival was ‘Weep’, an absolutely gorgeous scented candle inspired by Laini Taylor’s ‘Strange The Dreamer. A book that I adored on many levels! Here’s my review if you fancy a read Review – ‘Strange The Dreamer’ by Laini Taylor The Weep candle fragrance is strawberry, orange and green apple and is finished off with a sprinkle of blue and gold glitter. Gorgeous!


I also had to purchase the ‘Reaper’ candle inspired by one of my favourite trilogies ‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown. It’s named and scented after Darrow, the hero of ‘Red Rising’ so it’s a masculine fragrance of musk, night, oudh and Mars dust. And of course finished with a sprinkle of red and gold glitter.



I had another gorgeously scented delivery today ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ inspired by the ‘Beauty and The Beast’ fairy tale and which also happens to be my most favourite of Disney films (no I haven’t seen the new version yet, but I will. And soon!) ‘Beauty’ smells of roses, snow and fairy tales and has a splash of pink, yellow and gold glitter. ‘Beast’ smells of musk, night and honey and is finished off with purple glitter.


All of these candles and more are available from Book and Nook Shop, here’s a handy link Book And Nook. All these candles have glitter, who doesn’t love a sprinkle of glitter?!? I’m eyeing up the ‘A Court Of Thorns And Roses’ inspired candles for my next purchase and I love the look of ‘Platform 9 3/4’.


I also have this beauty – ‘Nile Murder Mystery’ from William & Joseph Candles. Inspired by Agatha Christie’s ‘Death On The Nile’ it’s scent is a beautiful blend of mandarin tea, orange blossom, lily and jasmine with a hint of spice, sandalwood and patchouli. Perfect for enjoying with a novel from the Golden Age of Crime.



Here’s another handy link – William And Joseph Candles and they have some wonderful Harry Potter candles that I’m eyeing up!

Anyone fancy a bookish themed candle?


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