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Review – ‘The Strange Disappearance Of A Bollywood Star’ by Vaseem Khan





Mumbai is a city that thrives on extravagant spectacles and larger-than-life characters.
But as Chopra is about to discover, even in the city of dreams, there is no guarantee of a happy ending.
Rising star and incorrigible playboy Vikram Verma has disappeared, leaving his latest film in jeopardy. Hired by Verma’s formidable mother to find him, Inspector Chopra and his sidekick, baby elephant Ganesha, embark on a journey deep into the world’s most flamboyant movie industry.
As they uncover feuding stars, failed investments and death threats, it seems that many people have a motive for wanting Verma out of the picture.
And yet, as Chopra has long suspected, in Bollywood the truth is often stranger than fiction



Inspector Chopra and his chocolate loving baby elephant, Ganesha are back on the case. In this adventure the Baby Ganesh Agency are investigating the disappearance of popular Bollywood star, Vicky Verma, from a live performance in front of thousands of fans ( baby Ganesha included).

This baffling case is full of deceit and the more Chopra investigates, the more webs he has to untangle. Things take a drastic turn when Chopra finds himself in Gouripur Jail home to the most hardened of criminals and the most brutal of guards. Will little Ganesha be able to save the day?

I love this series and I adore little baby Ganesha, it’s hard not too. These books are full of wonderful characters, not just the endearing Chopra. But there’s his wife Poppy, young Irfan adopted by the couple, Poppy’s anger inducing mother and Chopra’s partner, Rangwalla who finds himself on a separate case. Going undercover as an eunuch, which in India is a person who is transgender, a community that is vast in India. Poor Rangwalla, with much entertainment to the reader, ends up shaving off his beloved beard, dancing and singing!

Vaseem Khan paints a colourful picture of India and he brings to life the bustling streets and seedy criminal underbelly. His characters leap from the page and his mysteries always leave me guessing! Whilst I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as the previous two novels, I still had a whale of a time following the exploits of Inspector Chopra and Ganesha. These books are a sheer delight and wonderful entertainment.





Vaseem Khan first saw an elephant lumbering down the middle of the road in 1997 when he arrived in the city of Mumbai, India to work as a management consultant. It was the most unusual sight he had ever encountered and served as the inspiration behind his light-hearted crime novels. Vaseem was born in London in 1973. Elephants are third on his list of passions, first and second being great literature and cricket, not always in that order.


‘The Strange Disappearance Of A Bollywood Star’ is out on the 5th May in hardback. With thanks to Olivia and Nicole at Hodder for my copy.


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