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April Reads




Where on Earth is this year going?? How are we into May already?? April has been a pretty good reading month for me. And a good reviewing month, at one point I was bang up to date on the reviews I had to write – obviously that didn’t last very long! Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month:




‘Miraculous Mysteries’ edited Martin Edwards. A wonderful collection of short stories from the Golden Age of crime, they all epitomise the tag ‘impossible crime’ and this anthology is perfect for all mystery lovers. Review – ‘Miraculous Mysteries’ edited by Martin Edwards


‘The Breakdown’ by BA Paris. I tore through this, I couldn’t put it down. I had a slight suspicion about what was going on and my intuition proved correct, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. And it had such a marvellous ending! Review – ‘The Breakdown’ by BA Paris


‘The White Road’ by Sarah Lotz. Ooooooh this was super creepy. Sarah Lotz has a great talent for creating a tense, vivid atmosphere and her books always have superb endings. ‘The White Road’ made me feel the suffocating tunnels of underground caves, the icy bite of Everest wind and the lingering sense that someone else was with me. Review – ‘The White Road’ by Sarah Lotz


‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ by Sarah J. Maas. The sex scenes were a little OTT, but I loved the second book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. Feyre is a kick-ass character and after the cliffhanger ending of this book, I just cannot wait for book three to come out in a few days time. Clearing The Shelves


‘Two Cousins Of Azov’ by Andrea Bennett. This is a tale of two elderly Russian chaps trying to deal with past mistakes. I love Andrea Bennett’s writing, she always manages to make me laugh with a witty one liner and she creates the most colourful of characters. Review to come soon.


‘The Beauty and The Beast’ by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Whilst there wasn’t any singing teapots or dancing candles in this version, it was interesting to read the original fairytale and experience the inspiration behind the Disney classic.


‘Three Act Tragedy’ Agatha Christie. Not the best Christie I’ve ever read, it’s a Poirot mystery but he takes a back seat in this book and lets three other sleuths gather the clues and gossip which eventually lead to his solving of the case. Clearing The Shelves


‘Where The Wild Cherries Grow’ by Laura Madeleine. A really enjoyable nice read. I loved the dual timeline, in particular the 1919 period setting. A tale of family secrets, love and food. Review – ‘Where The Wild Cherries Grow’ by Laura Madeleine


‘Dead Woman Walking’ by Sharon Bolton. I just could not put this down. The opening chapters were the most intense and gripping chapters I have ever read in a book. This is a bloody brilliant crime thriller and features some crime busting nuns! Review – ‘Dead Woman Walking’ by Sharon Bolton


‘The Original Ginny Moon’ by Benjamin Ludwig. This was an insightful and clever book that looks at autism and the walls it creates for people. Benjamin Ludwig has written it from the perspective of fourteen year old Ginny, a character inspired by his own foster daughter. An important book that will make people think more openly. Full review to come.


‘The Other Mrs Walker’ by Mary Paulson-Ellis. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Unique and intriguing, this is another book I’ve read this month with a dual timeline and family mysteries. I loved the fractious relationship between Margaret Penny and her mother, their conversations often made me chuckle. Mary Paulson-Ellis weaves together a giant web of secrets which makes you keep turning the pages at a ferocious rate.


Has anyone else read any of these? What did you think? Do any of them take your fancy? Let me know.


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