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May – My Bookish Month



May has been a pretty rubbish month for me book-wise. I’ve struggled to write reviews and struggled to keep up with the blog world. There’s no particular reason behind this, it’s just kind of happened. With Leo now 8 months old, he is getting more active and needs to watched at all times! So no sneaky blog reading while he’s amusing himself anymore! I’m hoping that my review slump will be over soon and I will be inspired again, I don’t know if it’s the books I’m reading or if my brain is just getting frazzled by the constant baby vigilance, but review-y words have just eluded me over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve decided to do away with my weekly updates. I have to be flexible with my blogging and I was finding it too stressful trying to keep to a strict weekly post. So my monthly updates going forward will include extra fun things like book post and book buys!

On a more positive note I’ve had to increase my Good Reads Challenge! Not knowing how I would find the time to read with a baby I purposely set myself a low goal, well I’ve already beaten that – wahooo! And now on to my May reads.





The Incredible Crime – Lois Austen-Leigh. A plucky and sassy female lead character tries to get to the bottom of a smuggling ring. This mystery was a little all over the place for me, however I loved the dual setting of Cambridge and Suffolk and Prudence was an entertaining character. Bookish Corner Rating – 3/5 stars. Review – ‘The Incredible Crime’ by Lois Austen-Leigh


The Night Visitor – Lucy Atkins. Secrets and lies bubble through the pages of this book however I was a tiny bit disappointed by this one. Whilst I found it utterly gripping, creepy and the two lead characters, Olivia and Vivian were intriguing, I felt there was just something missing however I can’t put my finger on what. Bookish Corner Rating – 4/5 stars


The Idea of You – Amanda Prowse. A look at the pressures and emotional trauma of trying for a baby. What a heartbreaking, emotional, wrenching book. But it’s full of hope and happiness. I loved it! I loved the emotional roller coaster Amanda Prowse took me on, it made me hug my little one a tiny bit tighter. Bookish Corner Rating – 5/5 stars. Review – ‘The Idea of You’ by Amanda Prowse


The Caller – Chris Carter. Chris Carter’s books are sick and twisted and I just love ‘em. ‘The Caller’ is his eighth book and the death scenes were as gruesome as ever. This isn’t my favourite in the series but it still had all the things I love from Chris Carter (gore, inventive ways of killing off characters, a gripping story, gore and some more gore!) And I’m hoping to see more of a new character that we got introduced to! Bookish Corner Rating – 4/5 stars.


Can You Hear Me? – Elena Varvello. A coming of age story set in Italy. I do not know how I feel about this book. I found it gripping, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it! It blends together a coming of age story with a small town murder. On paper this is a perfect book for me, but I’m still trying to work out whether I actually liked it or not. Bookish Corner Rating – 3/5 stars. Full review to come.


Continental Crimes – Martin Edwards. A new anthology from The British Library Crime Classics, this one brings together tales of crime from European settings. Perfectly sized mystery treats that will provide wonderful escapism from the British summer. Bookish Corner Rating – 4/5 stars. Review – ‘Continental Crimes’ edited by Martin Edwards


A Talent for Murder – Andrew Wilson. A gripping and utterly fascinating mystery inspired by Agatha Christie’s famous ten day disappearance. As a huge Agatha fan I knew I would love this and I did. No one knows what really happened during those ten days and Andrew Wilson has created a fantastic crime tale inspired by it. Bookish Corner Rating – 5/5 stars. Full review to come.


The Wonder – Emma Donoghue. This was my book-I’ve-had-over-six-months read for May. Quite a dark tale about a young fasting girl who believes she is surviving on ‘manna from heaven’. This was intriguing, emotive, gripping and had a mystery element to it – another unique book from Emma Donoghue. Bookish Corner Rating – 4/5 stars. Clearing The Shelves – ‘The Wonder’ by Emma Donoghue


Happy Bookish June everyone!

8 thoughts on “May – My Bookish Month

  1. I remember how hard it was to have a baby so I think it’s fantastic you find even a little time for blogging. I’ve also been in a review writing slump so I’m planning on doing shorter ones for the summer in the hopes that’ll help:)

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  2. Reading 8 books is still a lot, and a great accomplishment considering how much you have on your plate. Wishing the best as we transition to the next month.

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m pretty new to blogging myself. Although I have been reviewing for years! But the best advice I’ve seen from other bloggers is – don’t let it get too much, take a step back if you need to. Blogging is demanding! I like to read books I don’t plan to review to give myself a little breathing room.

      Interact with other bloggers too – its a wonderful supportive community!

      And if I read a book I don’t particularly enjoy, I still try to find something positive to say about it.

      I’ve followed you so look forward to reading your posts! 😊😊

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