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Review Appreciation!


Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to share with you this lovely e-mail I had a couple of weeks ago from a lady telling me how much she enjoys my reviews for The British Library Crime Classics. Readers of this blog will know I’m not shy about my love for these Golden Age crime reads and it gave me a real boost to hear that someone is enjoying hearing my thoughts. Like all reviewers and bloggers, I never really consider that people will read my thoughts, let alone enjoy them! So it means a lot that this lovely lady has taken the time to write to me.



I’ve just posted another review of one of this excellent series and thought it was about time I made contact with ‘Emma at Bedford’ to say how much I enjoy her reviews. She posts hers soon after the book is published, while I’m a few books behind. So it’s always interesting to see her views both before and after I’ve read the book I’m about to review.

I’d be interested to know if she’s read all of the series so far or came to them part way through. Also, without being rude, her age group – I wonder if she is, in comparison to myself, a mere youngster enjoying the golden age crime classics, or someone like me of more mature years… 

 Could you pass this on to her, and if she has a moment to spare from working in your store and reading the BLCCs, perhaps she would get in touch with another series fan and reviewer!

 Many thanks



While I’m on the subject of The British Library Crime Classics – I’m happy to let you all know that I will be taking part in my first blog tour in July for ‘The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books’ by Martin Edwards. Martin is the editor and introduction writer for the classic crime series and I’m really excited about reading his book and taking part in the tour.

Story of Classic Crime

And if you missed it here’s my blog post spouting all the love for these books The British Library Crime Classics and see below for other crime classic reviews!

Review – ‘Continental Crimes’ edited by Martin Edwards

Review – ‘Miraculous Mysteries’ edited by Martin Edwards

Review – ‘Family Matters’ by Anthony Rolls

Review – ‘Verdict of Twelve’ Raymond Postgate


10 thoughts on “Review Appreciation!

  1. How lovely to receive that note. I’ve bought one of these books after seeing your review so you’re doing a great job in spreading the word Emma. The covers of these are just gorgeous, I definitely want to collect and read more of them x

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