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Review – ‘Tin Man’ by Sarah Winman




It begins with a painting won in a raffle: fifteen sunflowers, hung on the wall by a woman who believes that men and boys are capable of beautiful things.

And then there are two boys, Ellis and Michael, who are inseparable.

And the boys become men.

And then Annie walks into their lives, and it changes nothing and everything.



“Men and boys should be capable of beautiful things.”

Sometimes less is more and that is very much the way with ‘Tin Man’. At only 195 pages this book packs a big emotional punch in a small package. This is simplicity at it’s best. Some books take a whole page to capture an emotion, a moment, a picture – Sarah Winman manages to do this throughout ‘Tin Man’ with just a single sentence.

I started reading this book blind. Normally if I start seeing a book praised everywhere on social media, I check out reviews, read the synopsis, but I didn’t with ‘Tin Man’. A copy was offered to me and I snatched it up, dived in and had only my opinion to think about. I am so glad I went in without expectations! It was refreshing to read a book and have no one else’s views resonating in my mind.

This is a one-sitting read, even for a mother of a nine month old! (Wahooo for long naps!) I spent a very happy couple of hours with Ellis and Michael and as the last page approached I was bereft to leave them. We get to hear both sides of their story, flitting between time periods and their stories sharing the pages. ‘Tin Man’ is a portrait of friendship and love, how the people we care for never really leave us and of hope.

This book is exquisite. It’s beautiful, touching, stunning, full of emotion and wonderfully written. I will never be able to look at sunflowers without thinking of Ellis and Michael! ‘Tin Man’ will fill your heart and change your world.




Sarah Winman born 1964 is a British actress and author. In 2011 her debut novel ‘When God Was a Rabbit’ became an international bestseller and won Winman several awards including New Writer of the Year in the Galaxy National Book Awards.



‘Tin Man’ is published in hardback on the 27th July by Tinder Press. With thanks to Emma @HeadlineHighSt for my review copy.


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