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Clearing The Shelves – ‘The Book of Lost and Found’ by Lucy Foley

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Every month I aim to read a book that I’ve had for over six months in an attempt to clear my back log and to give some older books a little attention. My December pick was ‘The Book of Lost and Found’ by Lucy Foley.



LONDON, 1986: Bequeathed an old portrait by her grandmother, Kate Darling begins to unpick the tapestry of her family’s secret history in a journey that takes her to Corsica, Paris and back to the heady days of the Roaring Twenties where it all began.

PARIS, 1939: Alice Eversley and Thomas Stafford meet once again in the City of Light. Tom is now a world-famous artist, Alice is much-changed too – bruised from the events of the last decade. Perhaps they can lose themselves in the love story that ignited by a moonlit lake all those years ago? But sometimes there’s no place for happy endings – and there’s no hiding from the shadow of war . . .


This book featured a love of mine – ballet! I’m relatively new to this beautiful form of dance but I love my twice weekly classes and to read a book that includes it (even as a small part) was an absolute treat. The main character, Kate, has a prima ballerina for a mother and this has shaped her whole life. Following the death of her mother, June, and then her grandmother, Kate is left a mysterious portrait of the woman claiming to be June’s biological mother. And so begins a journey of truth, lost love and tragedy across four different countries.

This book was a sweeping epic tale of discovery. We visit England, Corsica, Paris and New York as Kate tries to solve the mystery of her true family. Every location was brought to life with Lucy Foley’s writing. From the searing heat of a beautiful Corsican cliffside home, to the glamour of the Parisian streets and hustle and bustle of a hectic New York, you feel like you’re right beside Kate on her adventure.

The book switches between 1986, the 1930’s and the 1940’s, encapsulating the modern day, the fun, frivolous parties of the 30’s and the darkness of World War Two. Every era is captured perfectly and it brings to life characters that I found myself caring deeply for. The love story of Alice and Tom is one that will stay with me, it made me cheer and it also broke my heart. Theirs is a story that really is all about missed opportunities.

The narration of this book does jump around quite a bit. We have Kate’s perspective, but also Alice and Tom’s. Sometimes it’s in the first person and others in the third person. Once I got into the flow of reading, this didn’t bother me at all. But I know there will be other readers who hate it – so consider yourselves warned. If you don’t like alternating voices, then this book might not work for you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with ‘The Book of Lost and Found’, Lucy Foley has become a favourite of mine and I love how she brings characters and settings to life. Enthralling, gripping and tender.


The Book of Lost and Found: Sweeping, Captivating, Perfect Summer Reading (Paperback)

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