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Illumicrate – The Howler Edition Unboxing


I am a huge huge fan of the Red Rising series by the lovely Pierce Brown (cue girly sigh) and when I saw that Illumicrate were doing a special one of book box inspired by all things Red Rising to celebrate the release of the latest instalment – Iron Gold, well I just had to have it. And as luck would have it orders were being taken when it was my birthday so can you guess what was on my birthday list?!

I was very excited when it arrived on my doorstep and after I had delved into it and inspected all the goodies, I marvelled at how the Illumicrate elves managed to get so much swag into one box! Really, the packing skills are amazing!

Anyhoo… I won’t leave you waiting any longer. Here is what was inside:



Obviously, a copy of Iron Gold, this hard back edition also came with a letter from Pierce Brown and a signed book plate. I have already read the book but you can never have too many copies of the books you love, you can find my reviewΒ here.


Next up – a Team Howlers mug, a fantastic Reaper pin with the quote ‘death is my shadow’, a key ring with everyone’s favourite fox, Sophocles and Haemanthus Blossom lip balm which smells divine.


There was a 2018 calendar featuring the words of Pierce Brown, sadly not photos of Pierce but hey ho, I can always add those in! A notebook and coasters, which obviously I will never use in case I damage them.


Also character artwork, character book marks – my favourite being the Darrow and Sevro ones. And a Per Aspera Ad Astra patch.


No special edition book box would be complete without a couple of wearables, so we have a ‘Break the chains’ beanie and socks. Who doesn’t love socks?! Also there were Iron Rain epsom salts which turn your bath water red – perfect.


The last item was a tote bag, perfect for carting around all those Pierce Brown books or your slingBlade. Whichever works for you.


So there we have it. I was impressed with the amount of effort and detail put into this box, Daphne at Illumicrate is obviously a huge Red Rising fan and she has created a wonderful box to celebrate everything Red Rising. My favourite items have to be the tote bag, the key ring, the socks and Howler mug. This was a complete treat for me and any Howler would be happy to have this.

Right, now I’m off to soak in some Iron Rain bath salts, drink from my Howler mug, wear my beanie, read Iron Gold, use my Darrow book mark and get giddy with excitement as I wait for the next book, Dark Age.

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