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Book Box Unboxing – November My Chronicle Book Box -Crime and Mystery

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As always, I am very excited to be sharing my unboxing of the November My Chronicle Book Box which arrived at my door a few days ago. I adore getting these boxes, I find myself counting down the weeks until my next one and if you are on the look out for a book box subscription, either for yourself or as a gift, then I cannot recommend these highly enough.


My Chronicle Book Box is a unique reading box curated in the UK every three months containing the latest literary releases from your chosen genre and a selection of beautifully crafted associated items, exclusive to My Chronicle whenever possible.”


You can select either a crime and mystery box or a sci-fi fantasy box. You can also sign up for a full subscription or just treat yourself to a one-off box. I have a full subscription to the crime and mystery boxes, but I always love seeing what the sci-fi fantasy goodies are. Visit the website here for all the details and if you want to sign up then use my code for a discount – EBC10.


So what was inside:

The first thing you come across when delving into a My Chronicle Book Box box is an envelope addressed to you at ‘your favourite reading spot’ sealed with a wax My Chronicle Book Box seal. And on the inside of the box is a personalised sleuth sticker. This November box contained two (yes, TWO!) hardbacks and one paperback. All three were individually wrapped and nestled with other fabulous bookish treats. I love these details – the wrapping, the stickers and the envelope all make the whole box feel more personal and even more of a treat.



The books –

The Corset by Laura Purcell (I read this a little while ago as an advance copy and loved it, I’m so happy to have this gorgeous finished copy.)


Is prisoner Ruth Butterham mad or a murderer? Victim or villain? Dorothea and Ruth. Prison visitor and prisoner. Powerful and powerless.

Dorothea Truelove is young, wealthy and beautiful. Ruth Butterham is young, poor and awaiting trial for murder. When Dorothea’s charitable work leads her to Oakgate Prison, she is delighted with the chance to explore her fascination with phrenology and test her hypothesis that the shape of a person’s skull can cast a light on their darkest crimes.

But when she meets teenage seamstress Ruth, she is faced with another theory: that it is possible to kill with a needle and thread. For Ruth attributes her crimes to a supernatural power inherent in her stitches.

The story Ruth has to tell of her deadly creations – of bitterness and betrayal, of death and dresses – will shake Dorothea’s belief in rationality, and the power of redemption. Can Ruth be trusted? Is she mad, or a murderer?

Believe Me by JP Delaney (I found Delaney’s first novel The Girl Before, very gripping and creepy so I’m looking forward to this a lot.)


Claire Wright likes to play other people. A British drama student, in New York without a green card, Claire takes the only job she can get: working for a firm of divorce lawyers, posing as an easy pick-up in hotel bars to entrap straying husbands.

When one of her targets becomes the subject of a murder investigation, the police ask Claire to use her acting skills to help lure their suspect into a confession.

But right from the start, she has doubts about the part she’s being asked to play. Is Patrick Fogler really a killer… Or the only decent husband she’s ever met? And is there more to this set-up than she’s being told?

And that’s when Claire realises she’s playing the deadliest role of her life…

Cold Breath by Quentin Bates (A new author to me, but I love a spot of Scandi crime.)


Gunnhildur reluctantly allows herself to be taken off police duties to act as bodyguard to a man with a price on his head . . .

Hidden away in a secure house outside Reykjavik, Gunna and the high-profile stranger, a guest of the interiors minister, are thrown together – too close for comfort. They soon find they are neither as safe nor as carefully hidden as Gunna and her boss had thought. Conflicting glimpses of the man’s past start to emerge as the press begin to sniff him out, as does another group with their own reasons for locating him. Gunna struggles to come to terms with protecting the life of a man who may have the lives of many on his conscience – or indeed may be the philanthropist he claims to be.

Isolated together, the friction grows between Gunna and the foreign visitor, and she realises they are out of their depth as the trails lead from the house outside Reykjavik to Brussels, Russia and the Middle East.

To accompany the books there were signed book plates from Quentin Bates and Laura Purcell, interviews with Quentin Bates and JP Delaney and a letter from Laura Purcell. There was also a bonus signed book plate in this box from Lynne Truss who’s book A Shot in the Dark, featured in the August boxes. She couldn’t sign the plates in time for those boxes so we had a little signed extra in the November box!


The other bookish treats:

A set of murder mystery magnetic page markers made by That Company Called If. I have some of their other magnetic markers and I love them! They have great designs and don’t damage your pages, I recommend them.

A 2019 calendar in the guise of a book mark – I adore the design of this and I love anything I can use as a book mark. It’s perfect for marking the arrival of your next My Chronicle Book Box!


An absolutely superb print inspired by Laura Purcell’s The Corset and designed exclusively for this box. Phrenology is a key element of The Corset and while I was reading it I kept thinking ‘I would love to have a phrenology skull to look at’ and now I do! It is a fascinating study and I could look at this print for hours.


And last but not least a ‘cosy winter reads’ scented candle made exclusively for My Chronicle Book Box by Danielle at Bookworm Candles and Crafts. I have an obsession with book themed candles so this is absolutely perfect for me. And after having a sneaky look at their Instagram page, it won’t be the last candle I have from this company. It smells divine, of hot chocolate and it’s gorgeous to look at with a sprinkle of glitter and a decorative twine and pearl ribbon.


So are you tempted?? If you are don’t forget to use my discount code – EBC10. For more info, sneak peaks and unboxings follow My Chronicle Book Box in all the usual places –





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