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My Chronicle Book Box – August 2019 Unboxing


My Chronicle Book Box is a unique reading box curated in the UK every three months containing the latest literary releases from your chosen genre and a selection of beautifully crafted associated items, exclusive to My Chronicle whenever possible.


It’s time to unbox a brand new My Chronicle Book Box! The August boxes arrived over the weekend to the great excitement of us subscribers. It’s like Christmas getting one of these lovely blue boxes – the contents are always a surprise but they are always superb. If you are on the look out for a subscription box then I can’t recommend My Chronicle Book Box enough. You can pick from the crime and mystery box (which I have) or the sci-fi and fantasy box. You can also choose from receiving a one-off box or signing up for a full subscription. To tempt you even more you can use my code – EBC10 – for a discount on your first order! Make sure you visit the website for full details My Chronicle Book Box

So what was inside, I hear you cry! Let’s check out the main event first – the books! August’s box featured three books, two of which were hardbacks. As always, the books were individually and beautifully wrapped which makes the boxes feel even more of a treat.



This month’s selection were:

Those People by Louise Candlish (hardback)


Could you hate your neighbour enough to plot to kill him?

Until Darren Booth moves in at number 1, Lowland Way, the neighbourhood is a suburban paradise. But soon after his arrival, disputes over issues like loud music and parking rights escalate all too quickly to public rows and threats of violence.

Then, early one Saturday, a horrific crime shocks the street. As the police go house-to-house, the residents close ranks and everyone’s story is the same: Booth did it.

But there’s a problem. The police don’t agree with them.


The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver (hardback)


A student kidnapped from the park.
Nineteen-year-old Sophie disappears one summer afternoon. She wakes up to find herself locked inside a derelict warehouse, surrounded by five objects. If she uses them wisely, she will escape her prison. Otherwise she will die.

An investigator running out of time.
Sophie’s distraught father calls in the one man who can help find his daughter: unique investigator Colter Shaw. Raised in the wilderness by survivalist parents, he is an expert tracker with a forensic mind trained to solve the most challenging cases. But this will be a test even for him.

A killer playing a dangerous game.
Soon a blogger called Henry is abducted – left to die in the dark heart of a remote forest – and the whole case gets turned on its head. Because this killer isn’t following the rules; he’s changing them. One murder at a time…


Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt (paperback)


In the city of Stoke, a teenage girl is murdered in the middle of the day, her lifeless body abandoned in a field behind her school.


Two days later, a young mother is abducted. She’s discovered strangled and dumped in a local park.


DS Grace Allendale and her team are brought in to investigate, but with a bold killer, no leads and nothing to connect the victims, the case seems hopeless. It’s only when a third woman is targeted that a sinister pattern emerges. A dangerous mind is behind these attacks, and Grace realises that the clock is ticking…

All three books are signed editions, whooop! And all three of the featured authors also provided My Chronicle Book Box with exclusive interviews.



But it’s not just books that make these boxes so exciting, there are also some great bookish items that compliment the books and your reading.


An exclusive engraved wooden bookmark, every bookworms essential item! It features the quote ‘lost in a sea of red herrings’ which is absolutely perfect for crime and mystery fans.

An ‘I love crime fiction’ magnet, another exclusive item. Mine already has pride of place on my fridge.

The final item is my favourite out of this month’s box – a scented candle from Bookworm Candles and Crafts. The scent is wonderful and the candle is called Crime and Punishment. The wax is finished off with a sprinkle of glitter and cannot be purchased any where else.


Thank you My Chronicle Book box for another fantastic box. The next boxes head out in November and if I’ve tempted you to subscribe then head over to the website right now! Don’t forget to use my discount code – EBC10. You can also follow My Chronicle Book Box in all the usual places.




5 thoughts on “My Chronicle Book Box – August 2019 Unboxing

  1. That looks lovely! What a great set of contents, and lovely pictures too, really interested in subscription boxes but wary of what is in them, so I really enjoy posts like this, thank you!

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