Book reader, book seller, book sniffer, book reviewer, book lover.

Hi my name is Emma and I am a bookaholic! I love all things books and I started this blog as a way to spread some book love out into the world.

By day I am a bookseller, so if there is one thing I know about it’s books! I spend my days recommending and talking about books and Emma’s Bookish Corner is an extension of that.

I have a toddler, Leo who I am currently training to be a mini-book worm. It’s going well. He sometimes even let’s me read my own books!


I’m not currently accepting review requests. I’m not getting the time to dedicate to reading and reviewing at the moment so for the time being I won’t be accepting any further requests.



I am happy to read and review, if you wish to ask for a review then e-mail me with the book details at fairystars12@aol.com

Please be aware that I only read books in their printed form – be it hardback or paperback. I appreciate that e-books save time and money, however I just cannot get on with reading books on a device. Call me old fashioned! I read and enjoy all types of fiction but I do tend to avoid romance and erotica. Please don’t be offended if I don’t think a book is up my street, I will be honest about whether I can do a book justice in a review. Sadly I cannot guarantee I will mange to review every book that drops through my letterbox and I may not necessarily publish a review on my blog – I might only publish it on waterstones.com or Good Reads.

Most importantly please bear in mind that I am a working mum so my reading time is very restricted!